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How The Tech Industry Has Shaped The Porn Industry?

A decade ago, most people would access porn via computers or buy DVDs, but with advancing technology, mobile devices are the preferred point of access to porn sites such as Spankbang, one of the biggest pornsites today.

These two industries share a mutually beneficial relationship, and today we look at how the tech industry has shaped the porn industry.

The Internet and Social Media

Before computers were affordable in offices and homes, most people had to buy VCR tapes and DVDs of their favorite porn videos. However, with the onset of the internet, more people are now working in the porn industry, especially.

More so, social media has allowed porn fans to interact with their favorite porn stars. Twitter and Instagram have allowed talent scouts to find promising amateur porn actors and turn them into adult household names on platforms such as Spankbang.

Videography and Photography

The equipment used in the porn industry has evolved from bulky cameras to compact high-quality cameras that improve the quality of the videos put out by production houses. Unless you are watching home-made porn, professional porn sites such as XHamster are putting out videos in crisp HD and 4K quality. This is thanks to advancements in camera technology.


Smartphones have had a massive impact on the industry for over a decade. Statistics show that more than 70% of porn on the internet is watched on smartphones. Statistics from various porn sites such as Spankbang show that porn is now much more accessible than a decade ago, which is a good thing for the industry.

Sex Toys

Sex toys are a crucial part of the porn industry, and they too have seen a technological revolution. A while back, we only had handheld toys, but now you can enjoy orgasms hands-free. For example, vibrators come equipped with remote controls that connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This has also influenced webcamming, one of the fastest rising porn categories on XHamster and a host of other porn sites.

Video Streaming

You do not have to download videos to enjoy your favorite porn videos. With the upgrading of online video players, you can stream porn videos as long as you have a stable internet connection. While Red Light District, a Dutch porn company, started video streaming, it has taken years of refining to get it to the fast and seamless levels we love today on Spankbang.


The tech industry has played a significant role in the porn industry, and they are in a mutually beneficial relationship. With recent data from websites such as XHamster, the porn industry too has helped shape the tech industry to enormous proportions.