We see hundreds of new entry tech startups every year, each of them with incredible ideas of their own. Some had big potentials and in fact, has acquired the attention of big companies. Many received millions of dollars of investment and managed to become a unicorn ($1 billion or more worth). Here are 5 interesting tech startups that you don’t want to miss!


With the awareness of the Earth’s life and sustainability reach its peak moments, Rivian is a startup tech company in the automobile industry that is garnering many positive feedbacks. Recently, Amazon invested $700 million in the development of the industry, with preorders on the way.


No, this is not something like agar.io. Ripe.io is a tech startup dedicated to helping improve the supply chain of food through digital technology. The system integrates information about food provides people with information on where the harvests are grown, how and where it was processed, etc.

Biomarker Labs

The idea of using IoT and technology to provide healthcare to people across the world without having to ever step out of your room is not new. Biomarker Labs, however, was among the first to try to realize this and are showing amazing results as they gather information every minute to create a system that complements users’ condition as well as doctor’s standard.

Epic Games

From the maker of Fortnite, this is the company you definitely cannot miss out. The popularity of the game itself explains a lot about the potential of this company.


Every businessman today knows the gravity of being a company that also supports sustainable energy. That also means a good waste management system. And that’s also where Rubicon enters the frame, a company with full potential in a world with ever-growing awareness of Global Warming and energy consumption.